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  • Microsoft Azure IaaS Solution

    In this O’Reilly eBook, Eric Wright, Technology Evangelist at Turbonomic, leads systems administrators and architects though terms, design patterns, and examples of how to deploy Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions for compute, network, and storage. Learn more.

  • Introduction to AWS IaaS Solutions

    In this O’Reilly eBook, Eric Wright, Technology Evangelist at Turbonomic, introduces systems administrators, systems architects and newcomers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to core offerings on the AWS platform. Read now.

  • Cloud Operations Technology Optimizes Mission Critical Workloads

    Read this white paper to learn how cloud operations technology provides a single pane of glass management tool for hybrid IT delivering visibility and control over cloud resources, and avoiding cloud sprawl.

  • Protect Your IT Estate from Software Vulnerabilities

    Managing software vulnerabilities in today’s threat environment can be overwhelming. You need to carefully configure and test every patch before you roll it out – otherwise, you risk disrupting critical systems and hampering user productivity. The only way to keep your IT estate safe is to prioritize patching based on business risk, which requires broad and deep insight into the vulnerabilities themselves. Find out more!

  • Responsible Password Protection By Securing Passwords in Active Directory

    Securing Passwords in Active Directory. Industry analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates, outlines the evolving requirements for password protection, best practices for preventing password vulnerabilities, and how organizations can enable responsible password security.

  • Automate Password Policy Enforcement & NIST Password Guidelines

    Enable password policy enforcement and daily exposed password screening. With fully automated weak password filtering, password similarity blocking, and a custom password dictionary; organizations can adopt NIST password guidelines and secure passwords in Active Directory.